DPR to use spacebridge to repair “MTS – Ukraine” mobile service

The spacebridge technology can be used to repair “MTS – Ukraine” mobile service in the DPR territory, reports the DPR Communication Minister, Victor Yatsenko.

“The “MTS – Ukraine” mobile network ceased working on Thursday due to communication cable damage, presumably, in the territory not far from Elenovka. Originally, connection switches received energy from 8 independent connection channels. The channel that had been damaged in the territory beyond the DPR control was the last one. We have no possibility to reach the scene and conduct the repair needed, but we are planning to build a spacebridge to restore the “Vodafone” mobile service,” said Yatsenko.

It should be reminded that Ukrainian mobile service’s work was ceased on 11th January as a result of cable damage in the Kiev-controlled part of Donbass.

DONi News Agency