DPR urges to organize joint inspections of ecologically hazardous enterprises in Donbass

The DPR envoys to Minsk talks insisted on joint inspections of ecologically hazardous enterprises located in the Ukraine-controlled territory, said the DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin’s press secretary Viktoria Talakina.

“The DPR representatives urged the members present to assist in organizing joint monitoring of ecologically hazardous enterprises and key infrastructure located in the Ukraine-controlled territory.”

The DPR representative Denis Pushilin said that hazardous enterprises at the contact line pose a threat to Donbass and other regions of the country. For instance, the Konstantinovka state chemical plant stores hundreds of tons of hazardous substances and wastes. The enterprise has suspended operation, and should chemicals be spilled on the ground or get into water, the catastrophe might take unpredictable turns.

DONi News Agency