DPR to start producing buses and agricultural machinery

The Donetsk People's Republic in the near future will start the production of buses and agricultural machinery. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR Alexander Timofeyev. 

"This is something that has never been here before. Now the assembly of motor transport is being worked out in the country. I think that by the end of the summer the production will be launched, and the first buses will be produced, the production of tractors and agricultural machinery will be organized too," Timofeyev said. 

"This is not an absolute plagiarism. it doesn't mean that we'll ship two wheels, bolt them - and job's done. Half of the components are produced in the DPR. We take some basic parts, but more than 60% is what will be produced here. Therefore, it will be our brand of car," the Deputy Prime Minister stressed. 

DONi News Agency