DPR reports no suggestions on prisoners exchange received from Kiev

The DPR authorities received no official suggestions on the new prisoners’ exchange from Kiev, the question is to be discussed at the Minsk negotiations on 18th January, reports the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman, Daria Morozova.

At the end of December last year the most large-scale prisoners’ exchange since the Donbass conflict’s start and the first for 15 months had taken place. Kiev was given 73 people, LPR got back 73 persons. Reportedly, DPR received 165 prisoners, however, according to Morozova, there were only 160 people. According to the head of the public movement “Ukrainian choice – people’s right”, Victor Medvedchuk, the second stage may take place according to the form “74 on 29”.

“The DPR received no official suggestions on prisoners’ exchange. I’ve verified that fact today, we know nothing about that. We cannot rely on media’s claims…We are preparing for the next prisoners’ exchange stage. Presently, the work with the lists is ongoing. The second stage is to be discussed during the upcoming Minsk negotiations,” said Morozova.   

DONi News Agency