DPR reconnaissance detects Ukrainian “Buk” systems near Donetsk

Ukrainian gunmen applied anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems “Buk –M1” able to hit air targets on 18 thousand meters altitude during their military drills near Donetsk, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

“According to our reconnaissance’s data, the enemy carries out air defense decentralization in the military concentration area. In the 30th separate mechanized brigade’s responsibility zone in the Krasnoye locality area to the west from Donetsk four Ukrainian anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems “Buk-M1” held complex training,” said Basurin.

According to his data, Ukrainian military, using anti-aircraft missile systems, conducted exercises on searching, detecting, capturing, tracking air targets and trained to shoot targets down. The Command believes applying “Buk” system the AFU intend to shoot down the American drone to accuse the DPR forces of it.