DPR Public Commission hands over cases on 60 people suffering from Kiev’s military aggression in Donbass to ICC

The public commission which records Kiev’s military crimes in Donbass handed over materials concerning 25 cases to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for July of the current year, as a result of which 60 civilians suffered, Elena Shishkina, Lawyer and Commission Participant states this today (July 31). 

“Over the period, from July 1 to 31 of the current year, the public commission handed over an evidential base regarding 25 cases of Ukrainian soldiers’ illegal acts against civilians of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) during which 60 people, including five wounded children suffered. The number of the dead due to artillery shellings amounts to 18 people,” pointed out Shishkina. 

According to her, since the beginning of the Commission Work, materials comprising information about 287 residents of the Republic suffering from the war were handed over to the International Criminal Court. 165 adults and 122 children were among them. 

DONi News Agency