DPR pays financial aid to another veteran from Kiev-controlled territory

Social help and administrative services center’s employees situated near the “Oktyabr” check point implemented another payment according to the letter of attorney to the Great Patriotic War veteran’s representative in frames of Donbass people reunification humanitarian program, reports the Labor and Social Policy Ministry’s press-service.

“Today, on September 20, in the social help and administrative help center, situated at the “Oktyabr” checkpoint, another, the 97th, one-time payment was implemented to the granddaughter of a woman, Great Patriotic War veteran, who was taking part in the fights,” said the center’s representative.

It was added that the woman fought on the front until 1944, but because of the injury she was unable to continue the battle path. The payment received amounted to five thousand hryvnias.

DONi News Agency