DPR passes MH17 crash presumable victims' remains to the Dutch

The transfer of the remains of, presumably, victims of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 to the Dutch side has taken place this afternoon in Donetsk, reported the Head of the Investigative Department of the DPR Prosecutor General's Office, Roman Belous.

"We have just handed over the wreckage and, presumably, the remains of the victims of the Malaysian Boeing crash to the authorized representatives of Holland - Mr. Walk and Mr. Daalman," Belous said.

Authorized representatives of the Dutch government, Mr. K. Walk and Mr. R. Daalman, have arrived in Donetsk today to transfer the remains of bodies recently found on the MH17 flight crash site and belonging, presumably, to perished passengers and crew members, as well as wreckage of the Boeing aircraft.

Reportedly, the official transfer of bone fragments and aircraft parts has been held in the Donetsk office of the OSCE SMM with full assistance of the mission.

According to the DPR People's Council Chairman Denis Pushilin, the DPR is ready to further facilitate the investigation of the Malaysian Boeing tragedy.

Earlier it was reported that the staff of the DPR General Prosecutor's Office had found the remains of human bodies, presumably victims of the plane crash, in late summer when examining the area around ​​the Boeing-777 crash site near Torez. Later, the Netherlands was sent an official appeal, in which the Republic expressed its readiness to transfer fragments of the bodies.

Let us recall that the plane of the Malaysian Airlines company, making a flight on the route Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur, crashed near Torez on July 17, 2014. All the 298 people on board perished.

DONi News Agency