DPR official on how Republic's coal ends up in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine

The coal won in the mines of the DPR is sold abroad by entrepreneurs, adviser to the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Kazakov, stated in an interview with Ukraina.ru.

Kazakov noted that the DPR coal ends up in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, as well as in Europe and South-East Asia.

"The extracted coal goes to different countries. Do you remember the case when the Donetsk coal was 'caught' in Poland? This means that there were bold entrepreneurs who had managed to take it out and process. Coal is also supplied to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the countries of Southeast Asia, and the countries of Europe. However, one point must be understood: the Republic sells coal in the Republic. It is the business of buyers where it can be delivered," Alexander Kazakov said.

DONi News Agency