DPR launches registration of State Final Examination's participants

Registration for the State Final Examination started today in the Donetsk People's Republic. Submission of documents will be carried out for the first time in print and electronic form. This was announced today at a seminar in the capital by Acting Head of the Republican service of control and supervision in the sphere of education and science Natalia Stovba.

"Registration for the state final examination in the DPR begins from January 10, and will last until 20th of February. The registration procedure will be automated, students will be able to register on our site, create a personal account, which will indicate which exams they pass and what disciplines. The invitation will be sent to e-mail, and having passed the exams, the participant will see his mark of the site," Stovba said.

She added that in addition to the electronic registration it is necessary to hand over documents in hard copy. The package includes an application, an agreement on the processing of personal data, a certificate from the school and a copy of identification documents.

"Digital barcodes will be introduced, where surname and the participant's name, school where they study and the subject they're passing will be encoded. Individuals who will check the work will not know whose work they check, it contributes to the objectivity of evaluation," the head of service said.

Details on the conditions of registration of participants of the state final examination can be found on the official website of Resobrnadzor. The first exam is scheduled for 23th of May; the campaign will last until June 12. In total in 2017 State Final Examination will cover about 10 thousand graduates of 9th and 11th grades.

DONi News Agency