DPR: Kiev postpones reintegration project because of Normandy Four

Consideration of the bill on the Donbass reintegration was postponed because of the position of the leaders of the countries participating in the "Normandy format" about the lack of an alternative to the Minsk agreements, believes Alexander Kostenko, deputy of the DPR People's Council.

"The leaders of the Normandy format's participating countries clearly expressed their position that there is no alternative to Minsk [agreements], and Ukraine understands that it will not be possible to challenge this position without concrete arguments, at least in the near future, and therefore postponed consideration of the bill (on the reintegration of Donbass - Ed.), until they come up with a way to convince the Normandy leaders in the opposite. And Ukraine has only the following ways - war, provocation, lies and slander," said Kostenko.

He added that the sudden change in the agenda of the NSDC meeting regarding the law on reintegration has not been surprising.

"I was not surprised by the sudden change in the previously announced agenda of the meeting of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, in particular, the consideration of the draft law on the Donbass reintegration. The meeting was held in the shadow of the G20 summit, during which one of the top issues was negotiations on the situation in Donbass and the settlement of the conflict according to the Minsk format," Kostenko noted.

DONi News Agency