DPR keeps helping residents from Kiev-controlled Donetsk region part

Yesterday, on November 11, two compatriots from the Kiev-temporarily controlled Donetsk region part received a one-time monetary assistance from the Republic, DPR Ministry of Labor and Social Policy reports.

It should be noted that this assistance is provided within the framework of the implementation of the Humanitarian Program for reunification of Donbass people in accordance with the Decrees of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko No. 45 (with amendments and additions) and No. 196 and is timed to the celebration of Victory Day and Miner's Day.

The first of the payments was made in the center of social assistance and administrative services located at the Olenovka checkpoint, where the daughter of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, who took part in hostilities from 22.06.1941 to 9.05.1945 came with the notarially-registered power of attorney. She told the staff of the center that she had got to know via the mass media about the help that the Republic renders to the residents from the Donbass part which is temporarily controlled by Ukraine.

"At first, I did not believe it. I called the call center, I specified where I should go and with what documents. Our grandfather is no longer able to go personally, so we decided to issue a power of attorney. Honestly, this morning, going on the road, until the end I did not believe that in fact, I would  get something. Now, when help is in my hands, I see that words are not thrown in the republic. I already called home, I made my father happy. He is touched. He asked me to convey his words of gratitude for the material assistance and care shown," the veteran's daughter said.

Their family received 5,000 UAH (the currency was determined by the recipient).

The second payment was made in the center of social assistance and administrative services, located at the Alexandrovka checkpoint. The center was personally visited by our compatriot, who has special labor merits before the Motherland, awarded with a badge "Miner's Valor" of three degrees. After the standard procedure for verifying and filing all necessary documents by authorized representatives of the Labor and Social Protection Department, the employees of the state enterprise Donbass Post immediately paid him a one-time monetary aid in the amount of 3,000 UAH.

Since the beginning of the implementation of the Humanitarian Program, 137 payments of one-time monetary assistance have already been made, 103 of them for the Victory Day, and 34 for the Day of the Miner.

DONi News Agency