DPR Head Zakharchenko orders to rebuild Kozhevnya village destroyed by Kiev’s forces in 2014 (Gallery)

DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko ordered to start building new houses in Kozhevnya village close to the border with Russia, where households were destroyed in wake of Kiev offensive.

“We build houses. Kozhevnya is a symbol. It was almost destroyed in the fighting. We all witnessed it. I affirm we will rebuild the village It will be the first to be reconstructed but step by step we will restore all the villages and townships damaged by Ukrainian shelling,” he said.

The experts of Donbass National Academy of Construction and Architecture based in Makeyevka presented a detailed plan for the reconstruction. Each house cost is set at 3.8 mln RUR, overall 20 residential buildings are to be erected. The total project cost is 120 mln RUR.

Students construction teams will participate in the construction.

Kozhevnya is situated in Shakhtersky district on the north-east of the DPR, close to the border with the Russian Federation, its land area is 51ha. The village suffered major destruction as fighting erupted in Donbass in 2014.

DONi News Agency/DAN News