DPR gas men promptly restore gas line damaged due to Ukrainian fire

“Donbassgas” state concern’s employees promptly restored gas pipe, damaged in Dokuchayevsk due to today’s shelling, committed by Ukrainian gunmen, reports the enterprise’s press-service.

“At 12:15 the emergency dispatch service of the “Donbassgas” Dokuchaevsk administration recorded a shrapnel damage of the low pressure distribution gas pipeline along the Frunze Street. The emergency crew localized the accident with the shutdown of gas supply to 12 residential area’s houses. After the emergency measures taken to eliminate the aftermath of the shelling, the gas supply was restored," reported the press-service representative.

The state concern’s representative added that since the beginning of the month this is the fourth case of restoration of the gas supply system, damaged by the Ukrainian shelling in Dokuchaevsk.

Earlier, the JCCC reported that fire on residential areas of Dokuchaevsk was conducted with IFVs, armored vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.

DONi News Agency