DPR forces repel Ukrainian saboteurs' attack in north of Donetsk, one fighter captured

A Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group last night conducted an unsuccessful combat sortie to the positions of the DPR Army in the north of Donetsk, resulting in the loss of four soldiers killed and wounded, and another was captured. This was announced today by the head of the press service of the Armed Forces of the Republic Daniil Bezsonov.

"Last night the Ukrainian invaders conducted another combat sortie of a sabotage and subversive terrorist group. So, from the positions in the area of Peski (north of Donetsk - ed.), a group of Ukrainian militants from among the 57 separate motorized infantry brigade under the command of war criminal Golovashenko, in the amount of eight people, tried to conduct a military sortie," Bezsonov said.

According to him, thanks to the vigilance of the republican military, the Ukrainian group was stopped close to the DPR positions.

"By conducting fire from small arms, at least two Ukrainian militants were killed, two were wounded. One of the saboteurs, abandoned by co-servicemen on the battlefield, is captured," the head of the press service said.

Bezsonov added that the prisoner had already talked about the extremely negative attitude of the civilians to the siloviki, in connection with the crime rate in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and also the dissatisfaction of the very servicemen with the Ukrainian authorities.

DONi News Agency