DPR enterprises' state encouraging - Alexander Zakharchenko

DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko visited the light industry enterprise PJSC Snezhnoye Garment Factory Snezhinka in the course of a working trip to the city of Snezhnoye on July 14.

Acting Deputy Chairman of the Ministers’ Council Dmitry Trapeznikov, Minister of Incomes and Charges Alexander Timofeyev and Acting Minister of Industry and Trade Alexey Granovsky joined the Head of State on his visit to learn more about the enterprise’s manufactured products and capabilities.

A tour of the sewing workshops and exhibition halls, where all the samples of the factory production are presented, was given the guests. The Head of the Republic personally witnessed the quality of textiles and then made an order for sewing 150 sets of military uniforms.

Having got acquainted with the manufacturing process, Alexander Zakharchenko met with the factory's labour team.

"I am pleasantly surprised the factory turned out to be one of the industrial enterprises that has not been suspended due to military operations. In addition, the variety of clothes you manufacture is encouraging. It is important that the factory is also focused on tailoring special purpose clothes. Today, I have already made an order for 150 sets of uniforms. I would like to thank you for having preserved the enterprise and keeping up working. I promise that the State will exert a most extensive support in providing you with purchase orders," the DPR Head pointed out.

What is more, the Head of the Republic gave the factory’s management a number of instructions ensuring the provision of decent working conditions and facilitating the access of the manufactured products to new markets.

According to Mikhail Kuryansky, Director of PJSC Snezhnoye Garment Factory Snezhinka, to date, a number of contracts for goods supply to the shops of the Most Trade Network have been already concluded, as well as state orders for sewing uniforms for the Emergencies Ministry and provision of pre-school educational institutions with linens.

The Head of the Republic also visited the PJSC Snezhnoye Chemical Engineering Plant, which specializes in manufacturing equipment for oil and gas production, transportation, refining, chemical enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.

Let us recall that Snezhnoye Garment Factory Snezhinka specializes in manufacturing of a full clothing range for women, men, and children. Also, special orders are processed, that is camouflage uniform, overalls for the coal industry, machine-building enterprises, the Emergency Situations Ministry, public health services, etc. At that, all the goods manufactured at the enterprise have quality certificates.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 
Official translation by DONi News Agency