DPR Emergency Ministry’s employees put out 23 fires over past 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours 23 fires, including 14 dry grass ignitions, took place in the Republic’s territory, reports the DPR Emergency Ministry’s press service. Apart from it, ordnance engineers examined 11 open areas and farm fields, which totally amounted to 1,53 hectares. On 1.5 hectares the continuous cleansing by mine sweeping took place.

Apart from it, in Yasinovataya in the locality near the “Donetsk-Severny” station, at the Privokzalnaya Str., the Ministry’s employees dismantled partially dilapidated roof and balcony of a four-storied house, as those parts, damaged due to the hostilities, could have collapsed on the first floors’ balconies. Yasinovataya, rescuers and employees of the Republic’s rescue center dismantled 1,3 square meters of dangerous brickwork, dismantled a floor panel and prepared it for further transportation.

DONi News Agency