DPR doctors to get acquainted with perinatal medicine specialists' experience in Moscow

Two doctors of the Donetsk Republican Center for Maternity and Childhood Protection (DRCMCP) will take part in the XII Annual Congress of  Perinatal Medicine Specialists Modern Perinatology: Organization, Technology, Quality, which will be held in Moscow on September 24 and 25, one of the participants of the trip, neonatologist neonatal department of neonatal observation and treatment of newborns Center Olga Esakova states. 

"Two doctors of the pediatrician-neonatologist from the DRCMCP will be in Moscow to share their experiences in the framework of the XII Annual Congress of Perinatal Medicine Specialists which will be held from September 24 to September 25," the interlocutor said.

Esakova added that Donetsk doctors would act as listeners of the reports.

It is also planned to get acquainted with the work of the Moscow Regional Perinatal Center.

DONi News Agency