DPR Command says Kiev's statement on AFU positions' phosphorus shelling absurd

The Donetsk Command denies Kiev's statement on the bombardment of Ukrainian positions on the southern front with phosphorus munitions, stated the Vice-Commander of the Operational Command of the Republic, Eduard Basurin.

"The accusations from the Ukrainian side in the use of phosphorous bombs by the DPR Armed Forces in the vicinity of Novosyolovka settlement are absurd for a number of reasons. Phosphorus is an incendiary substance used in the armies of the NATO bloc. In the armies in the post-Soviet space, there are no phosphorus munitions. Accordingly, they are not in the arsenal of the DPR Army either," the Vice-Commander said.

He stressed that the forces of the Donetsk People's Republic, in contrast to the Ukrainian forces, strictly adhere to the Minsk agreements and do not use heavy weapons.

Earlier, the press center of the so-called "ATO" headquarters reported that units of the DPR had struck blows at the positions of the Ukrainian forces in the southern sector of the front with phosphorus shells.

DONi News Agency