DPR Command reports about Islamic battalion arriving at Kiev-controlled Mariupol

The DPR reconnaissance detected the arrival of Islamic battalion 500 soldiers strong at the Kiev-controlled city of Mariupol, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

“We detected the arrival of Islamic battalion amounted under 500 soldiers, which is going to operate in the 36th separate marine brigade responsibility zone. The battalion is deployed at the Bakhchivanjy Str. The commander of the Ukrainian National Guard, major Karpenko, is the curator of the battalion,” said Basurin.

It was underlined that among the battalion’s duties were the defense of the missile and artillery ammunition warehouses and capturing of the Mariupol port, which, according to Basurin, has become the base of illegal weaponry and ammunition trade with the Middle East countries, including chemical weaponry.

Apart from it, the DPR reconnaissance detected the Ukrainian positions stepping up with the mortar detachments near the contact line.

DONi News Agency