DPR command refutes Ukraine’s police false statement on Avdeyevka shelling

The DPR Armed Forces fully comply with the ceasefire regime. Kiev’s accusations of shelling AVDEYEVKA that was allegedly conducted on the part of the DPR army, contradict reality, the Operational Command of the Republic reports.  

“The DPR forces are fully complying with the ceasefire regime. There were no shellings from our side,” said the representative of the Operational Command.

The command did not exclude the fact that the Ukrainian military were going to conduct “friendly shelling” of AVDEYEVKA to accuse the DPR army one more time and to escalate the situation on the front. 

Earlier the press-office of Ukraine’s national police in “the Donetsk region” stated that the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic allegedly opened fire at AVDEYEVKA.  

DONi News Agency