DPR Command belies Kiev’s statement that DPR forces shelled Avdeyevka

Kiev’s statement on the Avdeyevka’s shelling, allegedly conducted by the Republican forces on March 23rd is false, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

“According to our reconnaissance’s data, tonight the complex commission of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, aimed at logistics checking, arrived in the responsibility zone of the battalion tactical group from the 95th separate air assault brigade of Ukrainian occupational forces in the Avdeyevka’s area. The work of the commission is planned to take place till March 31st. Thus, it explains the Ukrainian liars’ necessity of distribution of a rumour about the night fake Avdeyevka’s shelling, allegedly conducted by our forces,” said the Vice-Commander.

Basurin explained that by this Ukrainian gunmen are trying to write off previously plundered property. According to him, soon may appear some information about fuel, food, etc., that were stored in the farm buildings, destroyed by the alleged shelling on the DPR part.

The Vice-Commander also did not exclude that in future such fake shellings can still be recorded more than once during the commission’s work for further writing-off the allegedly destroyed property.

It should be underlined that on the eve, in the so-called "ATO" headquarters the shelling of Kiev-controlled Avdeyevka on the  DPR forces' part was reported. According to the Ukrainian side, as a result, a backyard house and a household building were damaged.

DONi News Agency