DPR citizens commemorate Ukrainian aggression victims

The commemorative meeting “The bell of peace” took place today at the threshold of the International Peace Day in the DPR capital. The citizens commemorated their compatriots, perished due to the Ukrainian shelling.

The event took place near the monument “To your liberators, Donbass” in the park of Leninsky Komsomol. The DPR People’s Council representative, Alexander Kurenkov, “Oplot Donbassa” social organization’s members, teachers and students took part in the event. In total, nearly 300 people attended the meeting.

“We gathered here on the threshold of the Day of Peace. Our region has been embraced by the flame of war for four years already, and today we want to declare again: Donbass wants peace, Donbass wants no war. People want an ordinary human life. Here and now let the bell’s voice sound loud and raucous in tribute of the innocent perished Donbass people’s memory,”  said Kurenkov in his speech.

The memory of the victims of Ukrainian aggression was honored with a minute of silence. Also the song "Do not think about the seconds haughtily" was heard.

It should be added that the event was organized by the public organization "Oplot Donbassa”. Reportedly, the event is to become annual.

DONi News Agency