DPR citizens collect financial help for Makeyevka citizens affected by fire

The charity marathon “Run to help” (“Begu na pomosh”),  organized to support people, affected in fire which took place on August 14 in Makeyevka united about 100 DPR citizens, reports one of the action’s organizers, the editor of the “Makeyevsky Rabochy” newspaper, Natalya Khrustaleva.

“Today the marathon “Run to help” took place, and DPR non-indifferent citizens participated in it. In total, about 100 people ran the drawn route. All the money we managed to collect, namely, 32 thousand 200 rubles we will hand over to the families, affected by the fire in Makeyevka that took place on August 14,” said Khrustaleva.

She added that Minister of Youth, Sport and Tourism, Mikhail MIshin, DPR People’s Council members from “Donetsk Republic” party Valery Skorohodov and Vladimir Chekun took part in the marathon. Apart from it, according to Khrustaleva, the DPR parliament chairperson, Denis Pushilin, participated in the action of financial aid collecting as well.

“Having seen the report about the tragedy, the Crimea residents called us and asked how could they transfer the financial help for the affected. For after the fire people had absolutely nothing: no clothes, no furniture, everything burned out. I would like to emphasize that generally senior citizens, who’s only income is their pensions, were affected by the fire. We will continue financial help collecting and we will run again if it is needed,” underlined Khrustaleva.

According to her, the charity event was organized on the initiative of the newspaper "Makeevsky Rabochiy" and with the support of the Republic’s Boxing Federation. It should be specified that this was the eighth marathon within the framework of the action to help people in difficult life situations.

DONi News Agency