DPR authorities to build boiler house near Yasinovataya

The DPR authorities have made a decision on building a new boiler-house in the locality of Donetsk-Severny near Yasinovataya instead of that destroyed in shelling conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Minister of Construction and Housing and Uilities Infrastructure Sergei Naumets states. 

“A direct hit of an AFU shell totally destroyed the boiler-house in the locality of Donetsk-Severny in late January. It’s planned to build a new boiler-house in this area i.e., restoration of this is not expedient. It’s planned to finish works by the end of summer,” said Naumets.  

He pointed out that building of a new boiler house would take place as part of a process of preparation for a heating season 2017/2018. 

Besides, employees of community services are going to check 1,103 boiler-houses, 2,000km heat networks, 183 heat supply stations, to repair and replace boilers and to stock up with fuel. 

DONi News Agency