DPR announces casualty rate in Ukraine's hostilities

Since the new year’s beginning six children have been wounded in the DPR as a result of the AFU’s shellings, the youngest child was two-month-old, and generally, since 2014, 74 children had perished, informed the DPR Operational Command’s Representative Eduard Basurin. 

"From January 1, 2017 till the present moment 96 people suffered wounds of varying severity in the DPR, including 47 Republican law enforcement agencies’ representatives.  Six children aged up to six years were wounded as well. The youngest one was two-month-old. And since February 3, when the escalation began, 45 people have perished, among them four civilians. Generally, since the conflict’s outset in 2014 in the DPR there died 4,334 persons, among them 595 women, 3,739 men, including 74 children aged up to 18 years," stated Basurin. 

DONi News Agency