Downing Russian Su-24: Ultimate and desperate geopolitical provocation by Nato-Turkey

Just when aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris has steamed up western military build-up towards next try for intervention in Syria and Russia has just steamed up its campaign against ISIS-terrorists in aftermath of terrorist attack against Russian passenger plane in Sinai, Turkey made harsh move by downing Russian military plane over Syria - without any obvious reason.

Downing Russian Su-24 fighter was the first time in 63 years, since 1952, when a Nato-airplane has shot down Russian military aircraft. Act, ordered personally by Turkish president, is a very dangerous step in military-political arena, where we have already seen fast escalation in tensions all over the region.

Most modern Russian S-400 missiles systems will get deployed to Syria and missile cruiser Moscow has taken already its position in coastline to guard against any possible further hostilities. President Vladimir Putin is calling the downing of the Russian jet “a stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorism.” Russia and Russians are very angry from losing its plane and pilot, and that's no wonder.

Turkey has said that Russian military plane was shot down after it violated Turkish airspace, but Russia has insisted that no violation ever occurred and there are proofs of that. What should be remembered is fact, that Turkey has claimed also before “violations” because Turkey unilaterally “moved” the Turkish-Syrian border five miles south in 2012. That means Turkish air force would evaluate any target coming within five miles of the Turkish border as an enemy and act accordingly.

Pilot of Su-24, Captain Sergey Rumyantsev, was brutally murdered by famous "moderate rebels", backed by West, which are active in Turkish-Syrian border. Navigator Konstantin Murakhtin survived from attack by Turkish F-16 fighter. He was rescued by Russian and Syrian special forces. Navigator of the downed Su-24 assured that there was no airspace violations and Turkish airplane didn't make any warnings before launching its missiles towards Russian plane.

Whats notable about survived navigator of fighter jet, he won last year the greatest competition in Russian air force with his navigation skills! Murakhtin told in interview after he was rescued, that used flight path is familiar to him and he could navigate along Syrian border even without any equipment and just by following landscape of territory.

Both Russia and Turkey has published radar maps from flight path of downed Su-24 which are highly different from each others. By Russian radars there were no violations and by Turkish data that has happened approx. 17 seconds flight time. But in this time Turkey has given 10 warnings to Russian jet? Who wants to believe that?

But relevant main question today is this: What danger Russian warplanes has ever done to Turkey, so that it needs to counter Russian jets with weapons? Like well known, not single time there has been information about Russian planes causing harm or danger to Turkey, its territory, people or soldiers, at the time of Syria-operations.

Even so, Nato rushed to give its support to Turkey and United States assured ”its stance with its allies”. Turkey shot down Russian plane same time when French president Hollande was visiting United States and president Putin was meeting king of Jordania – Russian foreign minister Lavrov was just getting ready to travel Turkey next day, which was soon cancelled.

Timing of shooting down Russian jet raises lots of questions, because Britain is just doing its decisions about its Syria-intervention and French aircraft carrier has just arrived to Mediterranean Sea – US navy on its way led by aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman.

So why did president Erdogan gave his order to shoot Russian plane just now, which was operating in Syria against ISIS-terrorism, or just because of that?


Situation in the Mediterranean and in front of Syria reminds events in August 2013 when after falsefied chemical attack West was getting ready for military intervention against Syria. But real actors behind mass murdering civilians were terrorists, armed by Turkey, and whole massing of western forces was revealed as false flag -preparation. Russia made its military-political intervention, its navy was massed to Syrian coast and situation was solved by political compromise, negotiated by Russia.

Today military forces of West are again grouping in the Mediterranean towards Syria. Explanation has been given, that everything is because of ”fighting ISIS”, but same time actions by West in founding, arming, financing and training ISIS-terrorism is undeniable and powerful. What is clear, latest shooting down of Russian fighter jet, which are fighting effectively against ISIS, doesn't grow image of believable Turkish role in confronting ISIS-terrorism, just the opposite.

In moment of intervention, its obvious, that western military power can again fast and easily turn towards its long term goal, precipitate to conflict towards Syrian president and against Syrian army. Fall of Syrian state would lead to threat of great regional conflict with more participants, like Israel, Iran and Lebanon. Extremist terrorism would cause total chaos in Syria, like before in Libya. That's strategy of divide and rule in western path to regional hegemony.

In front of escalation there is only Russian navy and its air forces, which are supporting Syria and its allies in war against terrorist elements. Just like year 2013, key to Russian regional influence is still in Sevastopol at Black Sea, from where Russian navy gets its needed support and logistics. In year 2013 as counter punch toward Russian regional influence, we saw conflict fueled up in Ukraine just few months after events in the Mediterranean. And that escalation was soon threatening position of Sevastopol in Crimean peninsula.

Russia made fast with Crimean's counter measures with military-political means when coup in Maidan was done. Key to success was secure position of Sevastopol and process led finally to conclusion, that whole peninsula was joined back to Russia by democratic process. Today we can't see that economically, morally and militarily weak Ukraine under Kiev regime, which is stuck in Donbass conflict, could threaten Russian influence by targeting Crimea with its aggression – so how about Turkey?

Turkey holds key to Black Sea. Worsening tensions between Turkey and Russia can in principle to lead to serious situation, where Turkey could block Bosphorus Strait, using pretext from its own safety, and deny Russian navy base from its crucial connection to Mediterranean and leave Russian fleet there to dangerous situation – when western navy is encircling coasts of Syria.

Erdogan's defiance in his statements after downing Russian jets gives us a hint, that green light for Turkish military provocations continues and Nato is letting situation to deteriorate between Turkey and Russia. Turkey will keep its position in ISIS-businesses, led by son of president Erdogan, and Ankara supposedly will use these new tensions, fueled by itself, to achieve long wanted ”non-fly zone” in Syrian territory. And towards exactly that the USA and Nato have inched, even ISIS-troops has never had air forces. No-fly zone over Syria would only benefit western supported terrorists elements in Syria.

How ever we look at this, Turkish president Erdogan has started very dangerous Russian roulette with president Putin, and how ever this will end up in military-political field, mostly desperate geopolitical challenging of Russia will create massive bill to Turkish business sector and Turkish people. Of course, worst case scenario here is, where Turkish leadership is playing its old role from Ottoman empire, is greatest mistake, which will cause direct military conflict against true super power, Russia. And according to 5th Nato-article, it would also mean World War 3.

DONi News Agency, Janus Putkonen, chief-editor

Sources:[email protected]