Donetsk political scientist: Contacts with Kiev-controlled part of Donbass should be regular

Contacts with people on the territory of Donbass controlled by Ukraine should be regular.

It was stated by Nikolay Ragozin, a Donetsk political scientist and the head of the Department of Sociology and Political Science of Donetsk National Technical University, when he commented to The PolitNavigator on the forthcoming regular Internet conference of the DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

‘We must explain to them the position of the Republic's authorities that the DPR does not intend to retreat from its obligations related to the referendum. It is very important. We can not agree to any compromises. We can not allow one part of the Donetsk region to be independent, and the other to remain under the Ukrainian rule. The sovereignty, approved by the referendum, can not be divided into parts. It's either there or it does not exist. And it should cover the whole territory of Donbass,’ said the analyst.

According to him, holding an online conference of Zakharchenko will strengthen people's faith in the union of Donbass and endure all further hardship.

DONi News Agency