Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 02/16/2017

Good afternoon!

Scheduled training sessions were held, the process of improving the coordination of motorized rifle and tank battalions continued in the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Over the past day, nine violations of the ceasefire regime were recorded from the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Last week, the enemy stepped up shelling civilian infrastructure. Buildings of the Donetsk filtering station were damaged by targeted mortar shelling, but the Kiev occupants failed to disrupt the water supply to the Republic's settlements.

We certainly expected the Ukrainian war criminals to commit sordid actions during the meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk, as it is already becoming a system for them. But the blatant incident that occurred on February 14 strikes with its cynicism and once again confirms the Ukrainian invaders' attitude towards the population of Donbass.

Punishers of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade under the command of the war criminal Klochkov carried out targeted bombardment of the building of school No. 3 and a boarding school in the town of Dokuchayevsk with weapons of infantry fighting vehicles in the middle of the day. About 400 children in horror had to hide from the Ukrainian fire in the basement. Only by a lucky chance neither the children was affected, however, most of them received a severe psychological trauma. Besides, an apartment burned down in a multi-storey apartment building and a hair salon was damaged.

In total for the past week the enemy committed 63 violations of the ceasefire regime and launched onto the Republic's territory 132 mortar shells of 120-mm calibre and 309 of 82-mm calibre.

The areas of 20 settlements of the Republic were affected by the AFU fire.

As a result of the AFU shelling, 12 houses were destroyed and damaged.

One serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces and one civilian were wounded.

The AFU command continues to concentrate heavy weapons near the line of combat contact. In particular:

152-mm towed howitzers D-20 – 18 units;
152-mm towed gun Giatsint-B – 12 units;
122-mm self-propelled artillery mounts Gvozdika – 5 units;
100-mm anti-tank guns Rapira – 8 units;
tanks T-72 – 2 units.

The so-called ATO headquarters received from Kiev special instructions to develop and conduct activities to solve two important issues. The first is the adoption of operational measures to eliminate, up to physical measures, uncontrolled Ukrainian nationalist militants in the conflict zone, who sabotage orders of the AFU command and create considerable problems by their unpredictable actions. The second issue is the creation of a resonant motive Ukraine's military and political leadership could use to unleash an active phase of military operations against the population of Donbass.

We possess reliable information on the plans of the Ukrainian side to conduct a special operation in the so-called ATO zone under the command of General Lunyev, commander of the AFU Special Operations Forces, and representatives of the central apparatus of the SBU and the National Guard.

For this purpose, two combined units, each comprising several groups, have been created, consisting of AFU servicemen, including special forces, as well as the Security Service and the National Guard of Ukraine.

The first unit includes mine explosive experts and snipers, for whom additional training was held under the guidance of foreign specialists. The task of the unit is the physical elimination of the most odious leaders and militants of Ukrainian volunteer nationalist formations. We have established the participants of several groups that this unit comprises, these are:

1. Colonel Alexei Ilchenko (SBU).
2. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Shidenko (SBU).
3. Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Chernenko (AFU).
4. Major Yevgeny Ershov (Special Operations Forces).
5. Major Grigory Lagunov (AFU).
6. Major Dmitry Butrimenko (National Guard).
7. Major Bogdan Tokar (National Guard).
8. Senior Lieutenant Sergei Snitserev (National Guard).
9. Lieutenant Pavel Marusenko (National Guard).
10. Sergeant Major Mikhail Buzmakov (Special Operations Forces).
11. Senior Ensign Vladimir Dzyubanenko (National Guard).
12. Senior sergeant Oleg Timoshchenko (Special Operations Forces).
13. Senior soldier Sergei Ivanchenko (National Guard).
14. Senior soldier Dmitry Verbivsky (National Guard).
15. Soldier Nikolai Buchinsky (National Guard).

The second unit is no less interesting. It consists of special purpose units' servicemen. Under the guidance of foreign instructors, they were trained in carrying out sabotage and terrorist activities and mastering mortar fire. The Ukrainian secret services' plan envisages mortar shelling of populated areas in the Kiev-held territories, as well as employees of international organizations from areas close to the contact line, for the purpose of accusing the leadership of the Republic of forged war crimes and creating a significant public resonance.

Some members of this detachment from the Special Operations Forces were identified, these are:

1. Lieutenant-Colonel Vyacheslav Izotov.
2. Major Artyom Mozhny.
3. Major Yevgeny Slominsky.
4. Junior Lieutenant Alexander Dudnikov.
5. Sergeant Yaroslav Storchak.
6. Sergeant Igor Galimon.

Last week, an American military delegation inspected the Ukrainian troops performing tasks in the so-called ATO zone. Ukrainian generals cheerfully reported to their Western masters the full readiness of the subordinate troops to conduct combat operations. However, American experts remained extremely dissatisfied with the deplorable state and low combat readiness of "one of the best armies in Europe," as Poroshenko considers it to be. At the same time, a lot of questions arose concerning the expediency of spending money allocated from the US budget for the defense of Ukraine. The worst situation is observed in the 54th, 93rd separate mechanized and 25th separate airborne brigades.

After the departure of the US inspection, several commissions from the General Staff and the ATU headquarters were noted visiting AFU brigades with a view to monitor the elimination of shortcomings, to search and punish those guilty. Curators from the United States have promised to re-check the Ukrainian troops and still hear from the AFU generals a more intelligible answer to the question of where the money of American taxpayers goes.

Thank you for attention!

Head of the DPR Armed Forces' Press Service Daniil Bezsonov, official translation by DONi News Agency