Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 11/09/2017

The situation on the contact line remains tense.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy used artillery, anti-tank guided missiles, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, various grenade launchers, and small arms. 134 mortar shells of 120-mm and 82-mm calibres and one guided anti-tank rocket were launched on eight localities and the surrounding areas.

In the Gorlovka direction, the enemy attacked the locality Zaitsevo from small arms.

In the Mariupol direction, the enemy launched 28 mortar shells of 120-mm and 82-mm calibres on four localities’ surrounding areas.

Over the past 24 hours, 23 violations of the ceasefire regime by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were recorded.

As a result of AFU attacks, two DPR Armed Forces’ servicemen were wounded.

Incidents of drinking alcohol and committing crimes in a state of intoxication continue in the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

So, a monstrous case occurred in the 3rd separate assault battalion of the 95 separate assault airborne brigade, located near Avdeyevka, which clearly demonstrates the moral and psychological state of the servicemen of Ukraine's landing troops.

On November 7, three soldiers of this unit, having consumed alcohol, decided to mansplain one of the recruits. But, having received a worthy rebuff from the young military man, during the fight, they stabbed him with cold weapons, as a result of which he died.

To hide their crime, the guilty servicemen decided to burn the body. However, this attempt was unsuccessful, and all three were caught at the crime scene.

At present, the body of the victim is in the morgue, where an autopsy is being performed. The suspects were detained. The military service of the law and order (VSP) and the military prosecutor's office of Ukraine are already investigating this crime.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency