Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 04/20/2017

Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed 25 occasions of the ceasefire regime violations. The territory of the Republic was attacked with mortars of 120-mm and 82-mm calibre, grenade launchers and small arms.

From the positions of the 72 separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 79 rounds of 120-mm and 82-mm calibre were fired at the localities of  Yasinovataya, Vasilyevka and Belaya Kamenka.

From the positions of the 46 Separate Airborne Assault Battalion  of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 30 rounds of various calibres were fired at the localities of  Spartak and the Airport area of Donetsk.

From the positions of the 53 separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 12 rounds of 82-mm calibre were fired at the locality of  Zaitsevo, and from the positions of the 36 separate marines brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 4 rounds of 82-mm calibre were fired at the locality of Bezymennoye.

Also, the enemy applied various grenade launchers and small arms when attacking the following localities: Zaitsevo, Zheleznaya Balka, Spartak, Krytaya Balka, Yasinovataya, Vasilyevka, Spartak, Dolomitnoye, Leninskoye, Sakhanka,   the Airport area and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.

As a result of attacking the positions of the DPR Armed Forces, one soldier perished.

Yesterday, when attempting to penetrate into our territory, a Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group, near the locality of Shirokaya Balka, AFU saboteurs tripped a mine. When inspecting the scene of the incident, we found weapons thrown by saboteurs, including rocket-propelled anti-personnel flame thrower "Shmel", offensive hand grenades, land mines, anti-personnel mines and fougades. This fact proves that the Ukrainian DRG planned to commit acts of terrorism on the territory of the Republic, and also confirms that the AFU use these weapons when conducting of shellings, at that, speaking about the availability of these means only in the arsenal of the People's Militia units, allegedly imported from Russia.

By the way, the official representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said today that over the 24 hours in the so-called ‘ATO’ zone, the losses of the AFU were one wounded.

What is this if not the outright lie of the Ukrainian leadership, for which people at the front line and not people at all, but just some figures in the documents.

According to our sources, in spite of the measures taken by the military and political leadership of Ukraine to increase military discipline, mass incidents of non-combat losses continue to occur in the Armed Forces as a result of careless handling of weapons and banal drunkenness. Moreover, to hide from the public a considerable number of non-combat casualties, wounded and deceased are sent to medical institutions throughout Ukraine. So, according to our data, during the last days, 33 servicemen of the AFU were delivered only in the hospitals of Odessa and Kharkov with various wounds.

There are several reasons for the moral decay of the AFU servicemen:

In the so-called 'ATO' zone of Ukraine there are people who were forcibly brought there by total mobilization, or came on their own, because initially, according to their  moral and business qualities, they were ready for only to rob, kill and maim people;

and, secondary, the military and political leadership of Ukraine, to save the country's budget, pursues the goal in every possible way to reduce the amount of payments to servicemen, fining them for anything, at the same time stimulating the monetary compensation of commanders, so that they were interested in limiting payments to subordinates.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency