Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 04/17/2017

Over the past day, there were registered 20 occasions of ceasefire violations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Republic’s territory was fired with mortars of 120mm and 82mm calibre, infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, grenade launchers, and small arms.

The vicinities of Zaitsevo locality were hit with 15 mortar shells of 120mm and 82mm from the 53rd AFU brigade’s positions.

Mortar detachments of the 36th marine brigade launched 43 mortar shells of 120mm and 82mm onto the areas of Leninskoye, Kulikovo and Sakhanka localities.

Notably, over the past day the enemy actively applied small arms and various types of grenade launchers. Thus, for the period from 7:00 to 8:00 pm on April 16, over 300 grenades were launched with automatic and hand-held hand grenade launchers from the AFU positions onto the areas of Zaitsevo and Sakhanka localities.

The enemy applied drones for artillery fire adjustment.

According to our reconnaissance, the AFU command, taking advantage of the silence regime, is conducting engineering equipment of positions in all the directions, as well as preparing artillery fire positions:

- Near Yasnobrodovka (14 km to the contact line) there were detected two 122mm self-propelled artillery mounts Gvozdika;

- Near Netailovo (10 km to the contact line) there were detected two 122mm towed howitzers D-30;

- Near Georgiyevka (7 km to the contact line) there were detected positions of three 122mm towed howitzers D-30.

Therewith, more than three foreign instructors, equipped and armed by NATO standards, have arrived at the ATO zone. Some of them were identified at the 25th separate airborne brigade’s positions near Konstantinovka locality and in the dislocation area of ​​the 36th marine brigade near Mariupol locality.

By their actions, the military and political authorities of Ukraine once again confirm their desire to escalate the conflict in Donbass. At that, they must be forgetting the fact that foreign states, sending instructors instead of real military assistance like weapons and ammunition, use the armed forces of Ukraine as ‘cannon fodder’ to achieve their goals of destabilizing the situation in the country in general and in Donbass in particular.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency