Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 03/16/2017

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense. 

There were registered 80 occasions of violations of the ceasefire regime on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The enemy using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements intensively shelled the following localities of ZAITSEVO, GORLOVKA, YASINOVATAYA, SPARTAK, DOKUCHAYEVSK and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. Altogether, Ukraine’s military shelled 17 Republican localities. The enemy used artillery of 152mm and 122mm caliber, tanks, mortars of 120mm and 82mm, IFVs, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft installations, grenade launchers and small arms. 

As a result of shellings on the part of the AFU there were damaged ten houses, as in: six – in the Nikitovsky district of Gorlovka; two – in Dokuchayevsk on Vatutina,15 and Druzhba, 40; two houses – in Oktyabr locality at the address – on the lane of Zvyozdny, 5 and 9. Besides, railway tracks on the running line Masyrikina and Rudnev in the vicinity of 148km, railway milepost Num.4 were damaged. 

The losses among the DPR People’s Militia servicemen amounted to one killed as a result of shelling with small arms. 

Our intelligence keeps registering concentration of the enemy’s forces and facilities in the so-called “ATO” zone. Thus: 

There was detected arrival and location of up to a tank company from among the 30th separate infantry brigade in the vicinity of GRANITNOYE (0,5km away from the contact line); 

In the vicinity of ARTYOMOVSK there was detected arrival of the military personnel of the 40th separate brigade ‘Krivbass’, it is supposed, to support activists of the Donbass Blockade.  

The active dislocations of different radical volunteer units near the contact line get on the AFU servicemen’s nerves, who are afraid of “a stab in the back”. Such fears that AFU servicemen have are not groundless due to inadequacy and to unaccountability of the radical nationalists who can shell any moving goal either the civil vehicle in the vicinity of the checkpoint OKTYABRSKOYE which was shelled yesterday with mortars or the Italian journalist Byanchi Mauritsio who came under fire in the vicinity of the locality of SPARTAK. The latest fact is confirmed by the video and the world community can one more time assure itself of violating the ceasefire regime by the Ukrainian side. 

Due to this, we are not excluding the increase in the numbers of shellings or conflicts between the AFU servicemen and the Nazi-units’ gunmen that can lead to losses among the military personnel. 

Growth of contradictions between nationalists and ordinary servicemen is a hum-drum thing in the AFU units and it is a feature of Ukrainian society’s split and, maybe, of further collapse of Ukraine’s territorial integrity that is noticeable in the context of conflicts inside its army. 

Thus because of fears in the AFU units nationalists started beating their comrades-in-arms suspecting them of separatism. The number of the hospitalized amounts to tens. Four AFU nationalists beat their comrades-in-arms because he had been born in Donbass. As a result of this fight, the injured was hospitalized in Chasov Yar with concussion of the brain and there are a lot of such examples. 

The absolutely opposite example is friendship and battle comradeship in the DPR Armed Forces units and also among the whole power-wielding agencies of the Republic. It is connected not only with servicemen’s high professionalism but also with understanding the goal of this war that is to defend Donbass people from the Ukrainian nationalists representing occupation troops. 

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency