Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 03/12/2017

Over the past day, the Ukrainian occupation command again violated the agreement on the ceasefire observance.

In the Mariupol direction, the area of Vodyanoye settlement underwent shelling from the positions of the 36th separate marine brigade in the vicinity of Leninskoye settlement, the enemy engaged 120-mm mortars, firing six shells.

In total, over the past day, there was registered one violation of the ceasefire regime by the Ukrainian occupants.

In addition, yesterday we received information on another fact of aggression on the part of the Ukrainian invaders against civilian infrastructure facilities. The militants of the 25th separate airborne brigade fired on the territory of the first level pumping station of the Yuzhnodonbass water conduit in the area of​ Vasilievka settlement. As a result of the bombardment, a transformer was damaged. A backup transformer maintained the operation of the station for two days. Repair and restoration works are planned to take place today.

Furthermore, this morning, militants of the 25th brigade continued their "victorious war" with small arms against the civilian population and carried out a targeted shelling of three vehicles carrying the duty shift of the Donetsk Filtering Station workers. The radiator of one of the vehicles was damaged due to the shelling. Fortunately, victims among the DFS personnel were avoided. However, people are extremely frightened and the night work shift is not in a hurry to leave the DFS territory until the full safety of their movement is ensured.

These two civilian life support facilities are regularly subjected to shelling by the Ukrainian militants. Being deployed at positions close to these objects, the Ukrainian invaders apparently entertain themselves in this way, exposing the lives of civilians to danger and creating the prerequisites for a humanitarian catastrophe. I draw the attention of representatives of the OSCE Mission to the criminal nature of the Ukrainian army’s actions and the need to withdraw the Ukrainian fighters from these objects in order to avoid casualties among civilians.

The command of the so-called ATO headquarters continues to cover the criminal actions of its troops. Thus, Ukrainian propagandists present the capture of our serviceman by a special operations forces unit with the help of enlisted citizens virtually as a successful prevention of the "breakthrough of a sabotage and reconnaissance group." The version, voiced by one of the "ATO" speakers to Ukrainian TV channels, does not cause any other reactions, except for a smile. According to him, a serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces Soloid, alone and armed, made an attempt to penetrate the AFU-controlled territory through the Ukrainian positions under the cover of fire from our side. This "daring solitary field trip" was allegedly prevented by professional and competent actions of a whole unit of the Ukrainian militants who "courageously" took him prisoner. It's simply absurd!

At the same time, the SBU leadership continues to carry out measures to expand the agent network, using methods of pressure on relatives of our servicemen living in the territory occupied by Kiev, forcing them thereby to cooperate. Citizens who are not related to the power-wielding structures of the Republic, whose fault is only that they are relatives or close friends of the DPR Armed Forces’ servicemen, are threatened by the Ukrainian special services. At the same time, they are threatened not only with criminal prosecution for far-fetched crimes, but with physical violence as well.

The SBU uses their special project "You are awaited at home", thus luring servicemen and their relatives to the Kiev-occupied territory, promising the earth and termination of the criminal prosecution. However, there is still no legislative basis for the amnesty of supporters of the Republic. Criminal cases are opened against the deceived people who had believed in fairy tales and found themselves in the hands of Ukrainian special services. For more than two years of the operation of this deceitful special project, dozens of people have already been tried and sent to places of detention to serve the sentence for "terrorism" or complicity. Some of the accused citizens of the DPR and Ukraine have been tortured or killed.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency