Donetsk brewery launched after almost 3 years of downtime

The Donetsk brewery (formerly Sarmat) has resumed its work today. Because of the Kiev blockade, the enterprise had been idle for almost two years.

The Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko took part in the solemn launch ceremony. In one of the shops of the enterprise he pressed the bottling launch button, after which the first bottles with the products were put on the conveyor.

"This plant is a legend. This is one of the largest enterprises of this kind of activity that was in Ukraine," the Head of State said. "The most expensive drink for Donetsk is history."

Employees of the plant, in turn, handed the Head of the Republic a bottle with the first ready product.

"We prove that the Republic lives, the factories are being restored. We've launched this one, introduced it to external management, and the plant started operating. If it had not been introduced (external management – Ed.), the plant would have been still, "Zakharchenko added.

DONi News Agency