Donbass Youths in Patriotic Sport Camp, 'Dawn 2017' - TV Report

The Republican health centre located in Snezhnoye, Donetsk People's Republic, holds winter student military sports games "Dawn 2017". They were organized by Education and Science Ministry with the help of Ministry of Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism, Emergency Situation Ministry and People’s Council. 

"In 1991, when Soviet Union fell apart, youth became abandoned, and the concept of military training and patriotic upbringing was forgotten, which later helped foreigners to create dissention in Ukraine and start civil war.  More than that, they set people against brother nation of Russians. Now we hold such games military patriotic games regularly," said Sergey Zavdoveyev, People’s Council deputy and the division commander of special risks rescue operations "Legion"

Current “Dawn” is the second one – the first one was in the summer season, now it’s winter. 

"We carry them out to educate youth in the right direction for them to understand what is honour, Motherland, that Motherland has to be protected. They should know how to behave, understand what a family is, respect the elder ones, it is very important. Hence the task is to have such upbringing," he continued

Young people from the LPR will take part in these sports games for the first time. They are college students from Pervomaisk. 

"First of all, such games are useful for every boy in principle. Especially in our extremely difficult war situation. Plus it’s an honour to represent our Republic in such games in the DPR," said Arthur Obolensky, college student from Pervomaisk, Lugansk People's Republic

Competition’s rules envisage that every team must contain six boys and four girls. Despite the fact that it is obviously harder for girls to participate, they seem to be quite decisive. 

"For me, these games are very important for my both military and personal development. I am happy to participate, and I’m proud that the Donetsk People’s Republic holds such games not for the first time," said Natalia Melnik, Higher All-Troops Command College student

Student military sports games will last till 14th of January. Over this time, the teams will vie in showing strength and dexterity, overcoming an overobstacle course, compete in the disassembly and assembly of weapons and make a forced march. Besides, for each day it is planned to hold cultural and sports events, meeting with local museum’s staff and loads more. 

"We will define the winner team, prizes will be prepared by Culture Ministry, Education and Science Ministry and by our division, “Legion,” as well. There will also be presents for those who are not the winners. All of that made for them to be, first of all, interested in it, to have leisure interest and competiveness," said Anatoly Koval, People’s Council deputy.

Material and technical resources for the games has been provided by division of special risks rescue operations "Legion." Division’s instructors will train the participants in the following special areas: military mining, topography, tactical medicine, drill practice, rifle practice etc.

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Video: OPLOT TV, Donetsk People's Republic, 11.1.2017