Donbass schoolboy falls into coma after harassments in Dnepr school

The fifth-year schoolboy got a stroke and fell into a coma after harassment on the part of teachers and classmates in Dnepr school, reports “Dniprochas” agency.

According to the source, the incident took place at the school № 52. The boy moved to the city from Torez town’s near-front area with his family. In autumn 2017 a classmate indecently insulted the Donbass boy and his pregnant mother. The boy answered the insult by saying “look who’s talking”; teachers who interfered the conflict blamed little Donbass citizen for fight initiation.

According to the boy’s parents since that moment harassment had started: child was showered with stones. The School’s administration transferred the boy to the parallel class where his new class teacher called him a “mistake”.

Boy’s mother told that that he was given a probationary period; apart from it, a special diary for complains was started.

Among the recorded complaints - "was walking around the class" and "beaten the girl", but the parents explained that their son just asked to go to the toilet, and accidentally hit a classmate with a ball, after which he apologized.

In early February the boy called his mother and told her he was bullied, after that the connection was lost. The woman called the class teacher but failed to receive any reasonable explanation. Later it was emerged that the boy got a stroke.

After the incident, special meeting attended by law enforcement officers took place in the school. School’s administration refused to comment upon the situation.

DONi News Agency