Donbass Post launches money transfer system between DPR and LPR

Starting from today the DPR residents will be able to send remittances to the LPR via post offices of the government enterprise the Donbass Post, reported the press-service of the DPR Ministry of Communications.

“From today the DPR residents can send money orders to the LPR. The remittance is carried out through the Donbass Post to the LPR Post and backwards,” said the representatives of the administration.

According to the Ministry of Communications, in order to send or receive remittance it is necessary to contact the nearest post office of the Donbass Post (LPR Post) carrying the passport and the required amount of money, the minimum one is 100 rubles, the maximum one is 15 thousand. “The transaction fee is 20 rubles when the sum is up to thousand, and 20 rubles plus 1.5% of the amount when the sum is greater,” said the press service.

Earlier in the Central Republican Bank it was also reported about the plans to expand the geography of money transfers and to implement the system of transfers between the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.

DONi News Agency