Donbass ‘hybrid integration’ triggered by Ukrainian blockade

After the introduction of various blockades by Ukraine, the DPR and the LPR only accelerated their integration into the Russian Federation, political scientist Andrei Yermolayev stated on the air of Radio Vesti.

According to him, is full-fledged cooperation has been developed to date both between Russia and the Republics of Donbass, and between the two states.

"The blockade has led to the fact that, actually, despite Donbass had not taken the route of the Crimea, it has not become a part of the Russian Federation, but hybrid integration began due to the economic blockade. Stronger economic ties, common information space, especially after the networks were cut and the DPR and LPR documents were recognized, the Republics have begun to interact more actively with the Russian Federation due to this recognition, all of this is the result of that ‘extrusion’," Yermolayev said.

DONi News Agency