Documents on Kiev-conducted shelling of Bosse in 2015 passed to ICC

Documents on the case of the shelling of the bus stop shelter in the capital microdisctrict Bosse on January 22, 2015 which caused deaths of eight people have been passed to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Member of public commission on collecting and registering military crimes of the Ukrainian authorities in Donbass Ivan Kopyl states.

“As it was reported earlier the public commission had conducted its own investigation in the case of the shelling  of the Bosse micro-district where eight people died in January 2015. We have collected all the materials, filled out the application and literally today it has been sent to the ICC,” said Kopyl.

He highlighted that the investigation in the cases of the shellings of the territories of the Lininsky and Kirovsky districts of Donetsk where, altogether, eight civilians perished, 30 more were wounded on February 4, 2015 was conducted as well.

 “We will send these documents to the ICC as well,” said the public figure.

It should be noted that the commission on registering military crimes of Ukraine in Donbass officially began working in the middle of 2015.

Specialists in different fields, in particular law and criminalistics are the members of the commission.

DONi News Agency