Defense Minister of Belarus: we are ready to introduce peacekeepers to Donbass

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus is ready, if necessary, to allocate a peacekeeping contingent to Donbass, the head of the department, Andrey Ravkov, said on Wednesday.

The official Minsk has repeatedly stated its readiness, if necessary, to send its peacekeeping contingent to Donbass, but so far no such need has arisen.

According to Ravkov, Belarus has its own peacekeeping contingent with the staff strength of 100 people, half of which are permanent and half are variable.

"They are studying English, preparing in foreign countries and adopting experience," Ravkov said.

"We must clearly understand that several conditions must be met in order to go there to carry out peacekeeping tasks. First, the decision of the UN Security Council, it takes appropriate decisions. This decision must have consent of the country where the contingent is deployed, and the country from whom the contingent is allocated," the minister said.

According to the law, it is the president who personally must make the decision to bring the peacekeeping contingent to another country, but the consent of the servicemen themselves must be written as well.

"Under all these conditions, we are ready to introduce peacekeepers," Ravkov concluded.

Although the Belarusian proposal to introduce peacekeepers to Donbass was generally welcomed by the world community, the UN Security Council has not yet made decisions on the need to deploy them.

DONi News Agency