Crimean politician proposes to recognize Ukrainian nationalism as a form of Nazism

The head of the Crimean public chamber, Grigory Joffe, demanded that the international community recognize the extreme Ukrainian nationalism as a form of Nazism.

"The extreme, integral, as they themselves said, Ukrainian nationalism has crossed all the lines and turned into a Nazi movement. We can constantly observe its manifestation in modern Ukraine in the creation of volunteer battalions and various political structures such as The Right Sector, Svoboda, The Radical Party," Joffe said.

He stressed that these organizations are parts of the "Nazi extreme Ukrainian nationalism."

According to Joffe, the international community should give the Nazism in Ukraine a principled assessment and call things by their rightful names.

"The Nuremberg process has passed, and no such scale of processes is expected in the near future. Therefore, lawyers should consider a way to conduct some legal action and bring evidence so that it results in a decision of the created body that must be supranational, supra-state," he added.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov suggested holding an international conference in the Crimea on the crimes committed by the Banderites in different years.

Konstantinov said that Babi Yar, Khatyn, the Volyn massacre, Odessa, the Donbass and the blockade of the Crimea came as a consequence of the same criminal ideology.

DONi News Agency