Coup in Kiev: Government in Exile to Ukraine? - TV Report

The former head of the Ukrainian government, and now, the chairman of the Committee of Salvation of Ukraine, Nikolay Azarov, said that the Moscow’s court decision is of great importance, and it will allow appealing to the international court. In addition, the politician believes it possible to create a government in exile. However, for this purpose conditions in Ukraine itself should mature.

The court in the matter of Yanukovych supported Oleynik's statement that in February, 2014 in the territory of Ukraine there was a coup as a result of which the Constitution of Ukraine was illegally changed. 

Yanukovych was dismissed illegally from office of the President of Ukraine by the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on February 22, 2014.

"We will be sure to take further steps. Now we are planning to appeal to international courts and to submit all the data that is considered in Moscow. We also hope that the Ukrainian courts, though they denied us at the beginning, will be forced to consider our lawsuits under the pressure of the available evidence. Russian court's decision is very important. Since this is the recognition of the fact – quite an obvious one – that there was a coup in the country."

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Video: UNION TV, DPR, 9.1.2017