Composition of People's Tribunal for Poroshenko’s trial confirmed in Donbass

Today, members of initiative group confirmed the charter and composition of the People’s Tribunal for Ukrainian government’s war crimes in Donbass. The event took place in Donetsk.

“We are holding the working organizational meeting of the People’s tribunal for Ukrainian war crimes. All who present are informed of the charter’s text. It has been designed taking into account all the norms of the international law,” underlined the initiative group’s representative, Donetsk lawyer Elena Shishkina.

All the present at the session unanimously voted for the charter’s adoption. Lawyers Elena Shishkina, Lyubov Batiasheva and Tatyana Kravchenko were elected as presidents of the trial. Sergey Kozhemyakin was appointed as a prosecutor; Elena Gridina will act as a defender.

"I believe, the participation of the defender is compulsory, since any person is guaranteed the right to defend his interests in the court," said Gridina.

Jurors were chosen by lots: among all the applications received by the hot lines of the People's Tribunal, 12 people were chosen.

DONi News Agency