Combatants of Ukrainian nazi battallion "Tornado" are guilty of children rapes

A big scandal is taking place now in Ukraine - the videos with rapes of children and even babies were found on mobile phones of so-called fighters of the "Tornado" battallion. 

As the Ukrainian deputy from "Narodniy front" ("People's Front") party Tatiana Chernovol said that during the arrest of the "Tornado" commanders their mobile phones were withdrawn and shocking videos of children rapes were found. 

"It is awful. There are lots of videos with rapes and orgies. There are children and even a baby. The deputy Semen Semenchenko who defends these beasts must be put in prison as well", - Chernovol said.

It should be reminded that the alive complainants have started to witness in the matter of "Tornado" bandits. 

DONi News Agency