Coalminers of Italian Sardinia express solidarity with Donbass colleagues

The LPR Trade Unions Federations received a letter of support.

"We, miners of Sardinia, the Carbosulcis mine, would like to express our solidarity with brothers – coalminers of Donbass. We are perfectly aware of what is really going on in your land. And though European media distort the events in Donbass, we know that you are forced to fight up in arms in order to save lives of your children and family. We understand that you cannot act in a different way as it would mean your total physical and moral destruction! The problem of Ukraine is that power in the country was seized by fascists, fascist ideas are imposed on people there. We know that Donbass residents are fighting against all manifestations of Nazism and fascism. You are defending your own lives and lives of your relatives. You have nowhere to recede: it is your land! We, miners of Sardinia, express our sincere solidarity, and we hope that our small support will help you to overthrow the fascist authorities in Ukraine. It will be our common victory!" says the text of the letter.

"The international solidarity with the people of Donbass gets stronger and spreads day by day. The tragic events happening in our land at the Kiev authorities' will don't leave indifferent many people in the variety of countries of the world. And now we get a response from associations of miners whom the western press failed to deceive as well. Under the veil of lies and biased agenda of European media they found the true sense of the events which are taking place in our land and supported the fight of Donbass people for freedom. And we will surely win! As when united – we are a force!" said the chairman of the LPR Trade Unions Federation Oleg Akimov.

DONi News Agency