CIA recognizes Ukrainian Insurgent Army as a terrorist organization

After the end of the Great Patriotic War the OUN-UPA fighters, who earlier had cooperated with the Nazis, had contacts with the US intelligence agencies. In addition, the CIA recognized them solely as terrorists.

This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova.

 “The Ukrainian pseudo-historians try to convince firstly themselves that the UPA with the same tenacity had fought both with the Nazi invaders and with “the occupying Soviet authorities.” All this against the background of the recently declassified documents about their cooperation with the Nazis. And after the war – with the US intelligence agencies. By the way, the CIA documents characterize the UPA as a terrorist organization,” said Zakharova.

In this regard, the diplomat most negatively estimated the information campaign “The OUN is a response of unconquered people” initiated by the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. According to her, it will only lead to the split of the Ukrainian society.

“Such initiatives of supposedly civil society (Ukraine) occur against the background of what is now happening in Donbass. The purpose of this, in fact, absolutely anti-Ukrainian campaign is clear: in the framework of this Russophobic campaign the national radicals of all stripes are trying to do their best to destroy the common Russian-Ukrainian historical and cultural civilization space, created over centuries," said Zakharova.

She believes that such campaigns are held in favour of those who construct their concepts at a primitive perception of Russia as an enemy of Ukraine.

“The exaltation of the national resistance forces is a manifestation of undisguised disrespect for the heroic deed of the huge number of the Ukrainians who fought with the ranks of the Red Army, the partisan movement in the rear of the Nazis and their mercenaries from among the nationalists of all stripes. Such things block the global tasks that Ukraine faces, namely the unification of the nation, and split the already divided government,” reported Zakharova.

DONi News Agency