CIA, NATO attack Finnish government due to DPR Representation opening

American special services supported by NATO initiated a special operation directed against the Government of Finland. In particular, the agents of the CIA and British intelligence in Helsinki began a campaign to discredit President Suomi Sauli Niinistö, in order to disrupt the neutrality policy of Finland within the anti-Russian course of the West and to spoil its relations with Russia as much as possible. By a curious coincidence, the first information attack by provocateurs occurred just a few days after the DPR Representative Center had been opened in Helsinki, which had been tacitly supported by the government.

Foreign intelligence experts Ruslan Pankratov and Johan Bäckman, and an expert in the Baltic region Dmitry Yermolayev, told journalists about the intrigues of the American special services in Finland at a press conference in Moscow. The recent secret data leak from the Finnish military intelligence, which, as is known, is under the direct control of the Head of State, can surely be called a well-prepared attack.

A few days ago journalists of the Helsinki-based Saanomat edition published documents on special bases of the Finnish intelligence on the border with the Russian Federation engaged in collecting information on electromagnetic radiation at Russian military facilities. The news was to strike a damaging blow against the relationship between Moscow and Helsinki.

According to Bäckman, Helsinki Saanomat has initially occupied a Russophobic position, and this publication is directly supervised by the CIA and British intelligence. That is, the project was initiated by European and American "friends" of Finland. It is noteworthy that presidential elections will be held in Suomi at the end of January, that is, the time for provocation has been chosen perfectly, and it can be only the first one in this campaign aimed both against Niinistö personally and rapprochement with Russia in general.

Bäckman also noted that the attack of Helsinki Saanomat had occurred immediately after the president had stated that Finland could do well without NATO and just a week after the DPR Representation’s grand opening in Helsinki. The Finnish government, perhaps, behind the scenes supports the self-determination of the Donbass republics, so it did not impede the initiative of the DPR diplomats. Curators of the Helsinki Saanomat, most likely, began to prepare an information attack a week ago, as a kind of punishment-warning for the demarche against the EU with a warm reception of representatives of the Donetsk Republic. The words of Niinistö about NATO only accelerated the process and forced journalists controlled by the Americans to hurry.

However, they have not yet achieved their main goal. As noted by Dmitry Yermolayev, the main objective of such attacks is the psychological and political pressure on Niinistö and compelling Finland to join NATO, naturally, with the disruption of friendly relations with Russia. Judging by the clumsy methods used by overseas friends, the policy of Helsinki made Washington and Brussels nervous. It is likely that the western Russophobes finally lost their temper right after the DPR Representative Center had been opened. After all, it is, to put it mildly, a gauntlet in the face of the whole western clique of Russophobes.

DONi News Agency