China threatened to call in the US debts if Americans put pressure on Russia

The State Department hinted the Russians at freezing their assets, but the ardor of Americans was quickly tamed in the People's Republic of China, having claimed that the debt might be demanded to be paid in gold.

China again acted as the awe-inspiring ally of Russia and frankly supported Vladimir Putin in a scandalous Ukrainian question. As it became known today, the authorities of the People's Republic of China are ready to use the right of ‘veto’ on any decisions of the UN Security Council stacked against Russia. Moreover, China skillfully cooled down ‘geopolitical ambitions’ of the USA with a requirement to extinguish the debt obligations in gold. The threat is rather effective, considering the fact that the Americans’ gold reserves don't meet their debt obligations.

According to, the Chinese leaders have already held negotiations with Turkey and convinced it not to let the NATO ships through the Bosphorus. This information wasn't so far anyhow commented in the People's Republic of China, but the fact was confirmed in the Russian media.

DONi News Agency