Chief AFU psychiatrist fired after saying truth about Kiev's army

Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak suspended the work of the chief psychiatrist of the ministry Oleg Druz for his statement on the fact that almost all the participants of the military operation in Donbass pose a threat to society. This was reported by press secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Alexander Motuzyanik.

"Indeed, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine has made such a decision to dismiss the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Defense and the head of the clinic for psychiatry of the National Military Medical Clinical Center "Chief Military Clinical Hospital" Colonel Oleg Druz," said Motuzianik. "Now an investigation into his statement, which has become very widely publicized, has started."

"Now we are checking which data our military physician relied on when he voiced such statements, and what prompted such statements," the spokesman said. "Where did he get these data, and in general, and whether this problem was investigated by our military physicians.Now we are checking all this, but in any case, such statements are not permissible," the representative of the Defense Ministry said.

Earlier, during a round table in the parliamentary committees on the topic "Psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants (power operation)", the video of which is posted on YouTube, Druz said that, "as international experience shows, the hostilities participants after returning to peaceful life can become a threat for their own families, and for the whole society." 

"According to statistics, 98% of them need qualified support and assistance as a result of the operation of combat stress factors. Fighters' disorders are characterized by a high level of conflict, increased aggression, low working capacity, exacerbation and development of chronic diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, antisocial behaviour, suicide, shortening of life expectancy," the psychiatrist said.

DONi News Agency